Gift a Bicycle Helmet to your loved one’s on this holiday for safety

To find the best helmet that suits your head, you need to first study the different types of helmet to pick the cool bike helmets from wide range of bike helmets available in the market.

There are various types of helmets available in market with completely different feel and experience from one another. So lets check different types of helmet from wide range of available markets.

Full Face Helmets

if you’re riding on a tough terrain and you need very high protection, full face helmets are for you, full face helmets are not very comfortable but it offers a total head protection, this type of helmets often used for mountain biking. There is a sub type of helmet available in this which has flip up, you can easily flip the front up while riding.

Open face helmet

Open face helmet is classy looking helmet with wide range of designs and features available, its very comfortable and give you great look, this type of helmets are very well ventilated and used for regular sports riding.

Half Helmets

if you’re riding in summer or at warm place where you gonna sweat a lot, go for half helmets, this helmet has army style look, but its not very safe for major accidents, half helmets keeps your chin and lower part of face unprotected, you may get injury in case of fall.

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