This is everything that you need to know about boresighter

As a hunter or avid shooter, many of you know the bore sight – however, some people are new to hunting or shooting and not that familiar with this great accessory. Some do not know how to prepare their weapon for a perfect shot by using a Best laser bore sighter, where others do not even know what it is!

What is a Bore Sight

You can find the best bore sighter from different retailers online, this great invention helps to align the optical sight found on top of a gun barrel with the axis of your bore and one of the first rights of way after mounting a scope. With the assistance of a laser bore sight it helps when making your first shot on large target at a distance of 50 yards possible. The bore sight does not only help you with location points from where you actually start shooting with your gun – however, saves you loads of time, the recoil from your weapon and saves you loads of money spent on buying ammunition while preparing your weapon for shooting.

You need to remember that even the best laser bore sighter does not sight in your weapon, as this needs firing with precise ammunition from a certain distance.

Where did the Bore Sight originate

There are several ways that you can prepare your weapon for a perfect shot – however, the oldest method normally done eons ago by taking out the lock on a bolt-action Rifle and gazing straight down the bore. You need to secure the weapon, while positioning it, pointing directly at the bull’s eye about 50 yards away. Now you look through your scope without moving the weapon and watchfully fine-tune the elevation and windage turrets until you find the reticle centered on the bulls eye. However, this is not possible with all weapons such as handguns, pumps, semi-autos, and lever guns.

Collimators and Arbors Sighting

Another eon old method of bore sighting is with a collimator and arbors also known as spuds. The collimator device uses a graph-paper-like grid while looking through the scope. The collimator held in place by the spuds inserted into the barrel from the muzzle end of your weapon and sized according to the caliber. You look through the scope while adjusting elevation and windage so the reticles centered on the grid you see. You need to size the spuds accordingly, however, some calibers as the shotgun gauges requires its own sizes and sometimes not available.

Magnetic Bore Sighter

These days a more convenient way of bore sighting your weapon conveniently is using a magnetic bore sight. This bore sight is a simple device that you attach to the muzzle of the weapon with strong magnets instead of using arbors into your barrel. These magnetic bore sights fit most gauges and calibers and requires no additional parts. These devices are also well known for checking zero capability of your weapon after transporting or dropping your weapon. This is done by sighting in the gun and looking where the crosshairs end up on the bore sights grid and remember to write it down to check zero at any time.

Laser Bore Sighter

The final method and most popular method are using the best laser bore sighter like Bushnell, Wheeler, and SiteLite, to name a few. With these devices, a laser beam shines from the arbor inserted into the muzzle of the gun where others have specific cartridge casings that you simply insert in the chamber of your gun. With a laser bore sighter you need a reflective target and distance away from a target for the laser beam to reflect while holding the weapon steady or using a gun vise as this helps to center your scope’s optics onto the laser dot.

Things to Remember about Bore Sighters

The use of a bore sighter does not sight your gun and can only be done by shooting your gun with specific types of ammunition from certain distances
Always remember to remove the bore sight arbor before shooting with your weapon as not doing this can blow your weapon’s barrel apart
The bore sighter helps to eliminate problems when mounting a scope and with adjustments of the scope while it saves you loads of money on ammunition and physical abuse from certain weapon recoil
The Best Way to Bore Sight Your Weapon

Start by selecting an object at 100 yards away that you can point your rifle. Alternatively, make yourself a target with a bull’s eye on it.
Now place your rifle in a comfortable, steady position resting it right side up – if you are at a shooting range make use of the provided sandbags or shooting rest.
If using a single shot rifle open the action or remove the bolt if using a bolt-action rifle. Remove the screw holding the lever pivot and remove the bolt, as you need to see down the barrel from the breech end of the bore sight of the rifle used. Remember as mentioned previously, you cannot use this technique on Autoloaders and pump action guns.
While looking through the barrel from the breech end move the fixture your rifle is resting on until the required target selected in stage ones centered in your field of view.
Keeping your rifle still, adjusts the scope so that the crosshairs aligned with the object – your rifle is now bore sighted at about 100 yards.
However, this does not mean that your weapons sighted in for 100 yards. However, when visiting a shooting range and sighting in your weapon you should at least be able to shoot a target at 25 yards. After adjusting your scope to hit the bull’s eye, provided with targets at 25 yards, you can move on to 100 yard targets and complete sighting in your weapon. Moreover, always remember by using the highest intensity cartridges for big game hunting, the position of impact should at least be 3” high while shooting at 100 yards.

There are some great laser bore sighter gadgets available from different online retailers at affordable prices and we at RifleScopeGuy have some great reviews available for you to find the best most suitable one to fit your weapon. Happy shooting and keep it simple while taking care!

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